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Workers' Compensation Attorney

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Serving Injured Workers in Iowa and Nebraska

Did you suffer an injury while performing a work-connected activity?  There are three main potential benefits.


We will use all means available to ensure you get the very best medical care within the workers' compensation system.


If you meet certain criteria, you may be entitled to wage replacement benefits while you recuperate from an injury.


Some injured workers' will not recover 100% from their injury.  Benefits are available for the loss of function of the body or the loss of earning capacity  

Claim Denials and Pre-Existing Conditions

Did you receive notice that your claim was denied by workers' compensation?  Even great cases can get denied initially.  Call us for a free case evaluation and let us investigate liability.  Claims are commonly wrongly denied for "pre existing conditions," however there is actually a compensable claim where the pre-existing condition is aggravated, or "lit up" from the work-connected activity.  Even if your claim is accepted, having a good attorney means that you are better situated to be compensated for the full extent of your disability.

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